Building permit and official sales START

We announce the official START of room sales in our star hotel Cityzen Ya.
We have received a building permit, so we are reactively starting construction work. Cityzen Ya – more than cool real estate! It’s style, beauty and your solid annual income. The undeniable advantage of the project is service from an international network hotel operator.

3 points of profitable real estate:

  • You do not experience the fate of the strength of nerves during repairs, renting, marketing.
  • The pros work with pleasure, demonstrating their skills.
  • Income drips into your account.

Відділи продажу

м. Київ

вул. Метрологічна, 13а

вул. В. Васильківська, 72
БЦ Олімпійський, 26 пов.

м. Львів

вул. Грушевського, 11

вул. Малоголосківська, 30

с. Сокільники, вул. Героїв Майдану
(другий поворот)

м. Винники, вул. Галицька