The first multi-functional hotel in yaremche in ukraine and eastern europe

Become an owner of
exclusive real estate
with regular income

From 15% per annum

iBud2021 Winner

Management company

The major advantage of the project is services rendered by an international network hotel operator which will carry out the full cycle of the hotel's operational activities: marketing, centralized rental of apartments, repair and full room service according to company standards. No need in spending your time on real estate management, just receive passive return on investment.

About project

Multi-functional hotel CITYZEN Ya in Yaremche!

Thirst for unforgettable emotions is perfectly quenched between the mountains' slopes. It treats with european-level delicacies and cradles on king-size beds. The comfortable rooms of CITYZEN Ya — hotel is your perfect investment.

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Why CITYZEN Yа is worth investing into?

Many pros and a unique hotel!

King-size bed

Rooms with king-size beds not creaking even under intense stress. "make love, not war", as they say. Panoramic views add up passionate effect. Intoxicating, exciting and invigorating. Take everything from the beds and from each other, it doesn't hurt.

Rooftop terrace

Observation deck and separate summer terrace for incendiary and placid parties. A real instaplace for tiktokers and their parents.


Conference halls and small coworking space. Mountains inspire. Remember to mention CITYZEN Ya in the interview for forbes. We believe in you!

Lounge zone

Lounge zone, bar and reception — everything in one place. It's easy and stylish. Do whatever you wish. Drink beer or read a book, watch movies or play mortal kombat on playstation — it doesn't matter when it's comfortable.

Ski room

We know your passion for skiing and snowboarding. Therefore, we made a separate room for the gears. You are comfortable and they are comfortable. We asked them.


Delicious, european-style, in the mountains, in yaremche. In CITYZEN Ya and fullness we trust.


Let your colleagues bring boring herbal teas, and you carry only cool stuff.

Children room

A playground and a playroom are a space where your child will have no time for boredom, and you will have time for yourself.

Purchase of real estate in a hotel means not only comfortable stay but also a good investment option. By choosing this method of investing now you can earn not only by renting apartments, but also by real estate value increase as construction progresses.

By investing into CITYZEN Ya You

Will receive income, and the hotel complex will be managed by the hotel operator

Can use the room for your own leisure

Autonomy, alternative energy sources and water storage systems are provided in the complex.

Always in touch. Complex with ultra-fast Internet from Starlink

Are you in?

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Yaremche has not only pure mountain climate but it also is conveniently located. Buddy Bukovel is only 30 minutes away. Mountains and forests surrounding doesn't press, on the contrary, it inspires so that you want to post on instagram or share everything with friends in viber. Age doesn't matter with mountains around!

Most handsome young man, owner of incredible mountains and fresh air. It has been treating with banosh, mushroom soup and pouring herbal tea in turns with bitters for 200 years already. Well, why, just harmony and bliss, if you're in yaremche! It heals the soul, the body, brings people from lviv, kyiv, odesa, dnipro together. It skips none, greets and invites everyone. Advanced and real, true cityzen!

Yaremch, 311 svobody st

30min, to Bukovel

Responses to questions

Які готелі розташовані поруч із CITYZEN Ya?

  • Forest House (650 м)
  • Romantik Spa Hotel (2200 м)
  • Hoverla (1800 м)
  • Mansion «333» (1700 м)
  • Stanislavskyi (2900 м)
  • Vedmezha gora (1100 м)
  • Kniazhyi dvir (900 м)
  • Carpathian aura (1000 м)
  • At Starunchakiv Family (450 м)
  • Premier (550 м)

What hotel occupancy is anticipated?

Approximate rooms occupancy is 65%. Since CITYZEN Ya has favorable location, it differs from its competitors by many shticks (for example, a non-standard reception located not on the ground floor but on the last). This format will be popular both among youth and older tourists from ukraine and other countries.

What annual income is planned from renting a room?

Annual income will range from $5,500 (for the most compact 13 m2 room) to $11,700 (for a 33 m2 room).

How will the owners control occupancy of their rooms?

Each hotel room owner will have an access code to the hotel's operation online program. Through this program you will know all the details about:

  • Rooms occupancy;
  • Accommodation price;
  • Booking;
  • Payment;
  • Discounts.

So don't worry — you can always have a finger on the pulse wherever you are.

On what conditions can owners live in their rooms?

Owners can stay in their rooms for free 2 weeks a year.

Can non-residents buy apartments?

Yes, non-residents can also become investors and buy a hotel room in CITYZEN Ya. But 2 things need to be done before conclusion of a contract:

  • Obtain an individual tax number from bodies of the state fiscal service of Ukraine;
  • Open an account in a ukrainian bank.
    • A few simple steps — and you are the investor in a multi-functional hotel in yaremche.

How the apartment owner will gain income?

Given the nuances of current ukrainian legislation and specifics of the market, all payments under lease and property management contracts are planned to be made via bank transfers. Most banks and financial systems now allow entering into a contract remotely, if you have an electronic signature.

Conditions for the purchase of apartments

Purchase Documents

To conclude a contract of sale, copies of the original passport of a citizen of Ukraine and his TIN are required.

In some cases, the notarized consent of the husband (wife) is required.

Calculation options

All payments are made in the national currency in a non-cash form, at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of payment of the next payment.

Options for purchased

Option 1:

  • 100% payment - discount up to 5% of the room rate.

Option 2 - interest-free installments from the developer:

  • 50% first payment, installment for 1 year with quarterly payments in equal shares, 3% discount on room rate
  • 30% first payment, installment for 1 year with quarterly payments in equal shares, no discounts.

Option 3:

  • Affiliate programs with five leading mortgage lending banks: Globus, Kredobank, OTP, Pravex Bank, Oschadbank
  • for a period of 1 to 15 years;
  • loan amount up to UAH 5 million;
  • interest rate of 11% per annum;
  • on bail and without.

About company

LEV Development - is a development company founded in 2015 by Oleksandr Ostrovskyi and Vasyl Levytskyi

in 2015

6 rcs have been

4 investment

18 real estate

LEV Development is known for such significant projects:



Working on the concept of CITYZEN Ya, we aimed to create an object that has become symbolic for both the residents of the city and its guests. Today, Ukraine must keep up with the times, and architecture is no exception. Therefore, CITYZEN Ya reflects the main modern trends in architecture - natural motifs, smooth lines, strict silhouettes, laconic forms and structures. We tried to combine nature and architecture so that the building would become part of the environment and would seem to dissolve into space, but at the same time be part of it. We believe that CITYZEN Ya will give an additional impetus to the development of the city, as it will become its main business card.

Andriy Voitko,
founder and CEO of AVG Group

Sales offices


72 V. Vasylkivska st.
Olimpiiskyi BC


Malogoloskivska st., 30

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Become an owner of exclusive real estate with regular income

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Fill in the data and a manager will call you

Become an owner of exclusive real estate with regular income

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Fill in the data and a manager will call you

Become an owner of exclusive real estate with regular income

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